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We are a welcoming Catholic community called by God to live out the message of Christ in love and service to all people. Email us.

Our mission is to bring tranforming love of Christ into the lives of all we meet. Through sharing Eucharist, Prayers, Worship and Service we seek to strengthen ourselves in love and respect for one another and reach out to our broader community and world.

Our vision is to be effective "Stewards of the Gospel" we become Christ's faithful witnesses of the gospel. We offer our time, talents and treasure in service to St. Rita Parish Family and reach out to the broader communities and our world. Missionary clergy, religious and our ancestors lead us to plant good seed in the soil of faith so this work will grow and produce much fruit to the glory of God in His Kingdom.



St. Rita Catholic Church

Haiku, Maui


St. Gabriel Mission

Keanae, Maui


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Mahalo to all who serve in Ministries in our Church! We are seeking help in all areas of our Ministries! Please pray about this and donate your time, talent and treasure to St. Rita Church! Thank You!!

Ash Wednesday

February 26, 2020

We will be starting to collect your palm branches from last year for ashes. Please bring them in and place them in the baskets at the entrance of our Church. Thank You!

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St. Rita Church Lenten Schedule

February 26th - Ash Wednesday

7:00 AM Mass  at St. Rita Church

6:00 PM Mass at St. Rita Church


 February 27th: Thursday

7:00 AM Mass at St. Rita Church


February 28th: Friday

7:00 AM Mass at St. Rita Church

5:30 PM - Divine Mercy Prayer

6:00 PM - Stations of the Cross


March 6th: 1st Friday

7:00 AM Mass at St. Rita Church

5:30 PM - Divine Mercy Prayer

6:00 PM - Stations of the Cross


March 13th: 2nd Friday

7:00 AM Mass at St. Rita Church

5:30 PM - Divine Mercy Prayer

6:00 PM - Stations of the Cross


Mass will be Celebrated everyday during this Lenten Season

7:00 AM Monday - Friday.

Holy Mass and Communion are the Greatest Encounter we have with the Lord this side of Heaven. It is not about changing things FOR Lent, it is about being changed BY Lent. Please make time to embrace these opportunities our Parish will present for us to enter this season fully. Please come and join us for daily Mass!

Stations of the Cross on Fridays

5:30 PM - Divine Mercy Prayer

6:00 PM - Stations of the Cross


St. Rita’s Parish Retreat: Fr. Ken Deasy

April 1st, Wednesday: 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

April 2nd, Thursday: 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


St. Rita’s Parish Lenten Reconciliation

April 3rd, Friday

5:30 PM - Divine Mercy Prayer

6:00 PM - Stations of the Cross

6:30 PM - St. Rita’s Parish Lenten Reconciliation


Winter Cold and Flu Season

Liturgy and Illness Please be aware that the obligation to attend Sunday Mass does not apply to those who are ill, especially those who suffer from contagious disease. It is a sign of consideration for oneself and others that those with flu-like symptoms remain at home. As always, you are reminded to use common sense in the reception of Holy Communion from the chalice during the annual cold and flu season. If you are feeling ill or think you may have been exposed to a virus, you should refrain from partaking of the Blood of Christ from the communal Chalice.

In the same way, you should refrain from offering your hand to others at the sign of peace. A smile and heartfelt “Peace be with you” should suffice. Likewise if you are not comfortable sharing the sign of peace or receiving Holy Communion from the communal chalice for fear of infection, you should feel no pressure to do so. All of us must be aware of such sensitive matters in the intimate life of the Christian community and we should expect that some will refrain from the sign of peace and the communal chalice out of care for our well being and not out of unkindness or a lack of piety.



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Classes starts after Sunday Mass from 9:45am - 11:00am.

For the safety of our children, the hall doors will be locked from 9:45am - 11:45am. No one will be able to go inside during that time. Thank you!

March 01, 2020 = K-8

March 08, 2020 = K-12

March 15, 2020 = NO CLASS

March 22, 2020 = K-12

March 29, 2020 = K-8

April 05, 2020 = K-12

April 12 = NO CLASS

April 19 = K-12

April 26 = LAST CLASS K-12


Religious Education
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Rev. Chacko Muthoottil


Mass Schedule


Saint Rita Church

655 Haiku Road

Haʻikū Hawaiʻi 96708

Saturday: 5:00 P.M
Sunday: 8:30 A.M

Weekly Mass: Tues-Fri 7:00 AM            Reconciliation: Saturdays         3:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Saint Gabriel Mission
Wailuanui, Keanae
1st & 3rd Sunday: 11:00 A.M. 
Confession: Before Sunday Mass


St. Rita Thrift Shop   Hours & Donation Drop Off   Sundays: 9:45 am - 12:00 noon   Tuesdays: 8:00 am - 12:00 noon


Weekly Bulletin
February 23, 2020
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